Пелагея тайно вышла замуж за хоккеиста Popular singer and athlete staged a closed event. Pelagia and Ivan Telegin did not advertise his wedding and invited only the closest friends. Many friends only after a while began to send congratulations to the newlyweds.

      Пелагея тайно вышла замуж за хоккеиста

      About the novel the popular singer and mentor of “the Voice” Pelagia and famous hockey player Ivan Telegin the public learned in late April. It was then that the lovers was noticed by the journalists in one of capital restaurants. About the relationship of the famous athlete and artist knew only the closest pair. But by the time when the Union became known to all the fans noticed that on the ring finger of the star flaunts gorgeous ring. Fans began to look forward to the wedding day.

      Pelagia took the beloved of the family

      As it turned out, the pair is still not going to let strangers in private life. Long-awaited wedding Pelagia and Ivan took place on 16 June and held a secret from many. The couple has registered their relations in Kutuzovsky registry office, and then went to the restaurant on the ruble, where he continued his Banquet. The wedding was invited quite a few guests. Lovers gathered only the closest – the ceremony was attended by parents, closest friends, and several fellow hockey team Telegina. As they say eyewitnesses, the bride looked beautiful in a wedding dress. Pelagia decided to not choose very fluffy outfit. Many friends have learned that Ivan and Pelagia have changed the status only after some time, and therefore hastened to congratulate the newlyweds with this significant date.

      “The proposal Field received in the spring, and, of course, immediately accepted it, because they have a van crazy love,” says friend of the family Valeria. – Engagement ring with a diamond of several carats it never took off, but was in no hurry to shout about the status of the bride. Quietly came to the games, made friends with all the wives of the hockey players. Made friends especially with Nastya Subsky and Leroy Kudryavtseva”.
      Пелагея тайно вышла замуж за хоккеиста

      When your dream wedding is turned into preparations, the singer could not be determined with the dress. A friend advised the classics – Quinceanera favors, but the girl wanted to look modest and elegant without pomp. That’s why she chose a fitted dress.

      In Kutuzovsky registry office future family arrived in two cars of a representation class in the morning on July 16. Invited could be counted on the fingers. After painting, the circle has widened a bit: in the restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway came and friends.

      Пелагея тайно вышла замуж за хоккеиста

      The celebration ended after midnight. The flowers had to take two cars. Exclusive details from the wedding Pelagia and Ivan Telegin read in the latest issue of the magazine “StarHit” of 27 June 2016.

      Before the wedding Pelagia met with relatives of the elect. Parents Telegin gladly took celebrity in my family. Pelageya took the future mother-in-law

      “It’s his choice, my job is to love her as much as I like my child, – said the “StarHit” Elena Telegina. – I often came to visit Vanya in the capital as soon as his schedule allows. At the recent world Championships I have, however, not come to work, so worried for him at home.”

      Ex-girlfriend of athlete Eugene Nour raising their son Mark. Thanks to a common acquaintance, she learned that the father of her child married Pelagia. Not long ago, a young mother couldn’t stop crying on the TV program “live” when asked former civil spouse to pay attention to their baby. However, the athlete refuses to include son – allocates 50 thousand for the boy and pay other expenses.

      The groom Pelagia is not involved in the life of the son

      Before ex-girlfriend Telegin found out about her pregnancy, the couple was preparing for the wedding. They decided to postpone the celebration. Eugenia said that her husband had an affair with a famous actress a few weeks before the birth of their son.

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