Luisa-Gabriella Brovina: “I beat Yuri Kolokolnikov”

Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова» The young actress spoke about how I became friends with Alain Delon, Tatyana Vasilyeva and Paul Priluchny. The day of the premiere of the painting “Breakfast with the Pope” “StarHit” publishes an interview with the young actress, which account for more than 30 roles.

      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»

      Louise-Gabriela, we met in anticipation of the release of her new work – paintings “Breakfast dad”where she played a major role. The coffee shop on Tsvetnoy Boulevard it came with a York Rita, who throughout the conversation kept with it. 13-year-old Gabi said “StarHit”, like preparing the dinners for the whole family, how to spend money and who will be her godfather.

      Gabi, you’re in the cinema in five years. I remember when I first got on set?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Still don’t know where the desire to become an actress, with three years only watched “good night, kids!”. Once said to my mother: “I Want to be in a movie!” She replied: “It’s nothing, I have other plans and lessons for you.” But I continued to persuade her. Later I was allowed to try, and then mom realized that a movie. Remember the first shooting in the movie “Katya”. The Director Elyor ishmuhamedova had a mustache as the bogeyman, I was a little afraid, but I liked him. Then came home and wrote the first word. Not “mom” not “dad”, and the name of the Director, represent! All night sat, exasperated, and the next day handed him this paper. What Elyor said that this gift he has not yet done. However, the letter “e” written in the other direction.—
      Who of the older generation of actors do you especially remember?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Love Tatyana Vasilyeva, starred in “the Closed school” and “the Zemstvo doctor”. Really appreciate her gift – a doll, now this is my talisman. Grant Tegatana met on the set of the TV series “Last of Magician” and immediately felt that we are not strangers to each other. Grant said, “If you can’t be your real dad, then at least I will be baptized”. Happy, agreed. Soon the christening. Of course, I remember Alain Delon – we did “happy New year, moms!” and then met at the premiere, talked through his interpreter. When he hugged me, kissed and wished a great success, I thought I will remember this moment all my life!—
      Frequent shooting do not interfere with learning?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»I am trained individually. Something dismantle itself, something with Tutors. I feel so comfortable, there is lots of time. At my school №2054 high school with a theatrical bias. Director and head teacher believe that children who are doing something serious – music, sports, dancing, movies or singing, ” we need to help. Thanks to so many teachers achieve great success.—
      Free time is generally? How to spend it?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»I love to embroider, to knit, to cook. Now everything can be learned online. Watch the recipe and follow it step by step. Cook for the whole family – Apple pie, cakes Pancho, Napoleon, pancakes, cheesecakes. A movie with friends go to the rink. Read the book voraciously, unable night. Recently finished the Fault in our stars, then the film found in English. Inogashira in the social network, I have on page 300 of the thousand followers and they are waiting for news. Recently I met with the participants “Voice. The children communicate. Very rarely someone added “friend”. I recently sent a request to Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Incidentally, he predicted to me the popularity so many years ago. We had dinner in the restaurant with my parents and then I cried out: “Valeria! Alive!” Ran, Prigogine put me on my knees, drives presented. And when they went, said, “Bye, star, you will meet many more times!”

      “The money nowhere to go”

      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»
      Do you even dolls never played it, as all the kids?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»I really like reborn is copy a live baby, they’re collectibles. But my parents bought these for me for games, I’m careful. We were at the Mall, walked around, and came across a store with these dolls – all in love. Said the mother ear,”If I bought this, I would be happy. Don’t need anything else”. Led to the window, she exclaimed in horror: “Gaby, Yes he is ugly”. But I assured her grow up and become beautiful. Talked to reborn fix-boy, called it Glory. Remember, wrapped in baby soft, are satisfied on the mega. And everyone is looking indignantly, even to mom’s approach: “what, how could a baby’s trusting little sister!” Then reborn fix the girl chose is called Sofia. And I have a lot of porcelain dolls,I collect them.—
      Parents, you seem to be spoiling?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»I am the only child in the family and very loved. Mom and dad I have the best. Always say: “you would be Happy to criticize, but do not know for what.” Pampered as soon as you can. Mom complains that already have everything, birthday nothing to give. And then there are the fans. The most unusual gift from them – a certificate for the appropriation of the star of my name. And a sea of flowers, soft toys will soon need a separate room.—
      Likely to be envious?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Of course. But I don’t resent them. Just don’t take the negative, so it remains to them. These people are unhappy, because happy are not evil. Sometimes social media write bad things. I read and regret those commentators. Some want to chat with me just for popularity, that was the case. However, I was lucky to get rid of such “friends”. And grateful that they gave experience.—
      And chores do you have?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Keep track of your Yorkie, I have two of them: super-mini, which is now with me, and several times more, Didi. In 5 years I had a photo shoot for the magazine, I was filming with the dog. Of course, fell in love, asked my mother the same. Came bought then have not understood, thought, will weigh a couple of kilos. It has grown to 5! I was not allowed to take her in his arms, so bought a second. Rita is tiny. I like to walk with them, to comb, to dress.—
      You yourself earn. How to manage money?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Spend part of the lay in further education. I put them nowhere – clothes buy parents products too. Often make them gifts: jewelry, perfume, flowers. Shooting the film “Breakfast dad”, the plot of which the hero Yuri Kolokolnikov was the advertising Agency that inspired me to create my own business. In June, I opened an advertising and information portal on a quest – QuestHelp. People of all ages will be able to obtain any information, to decide on the categories, location.—
      Became friends with Yuri and his daughters on the set?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Yes, he’s so professional and creative, while working we understood each other perfectly. In between talked with his eldest daughter Taisiya – she came to me in the van and sang a song about my mom. So beautiful that I even touched. Say, “Ty, what have you done to me? My frame go!” With his youngest daughter spoke at a photo shoot, she is charming, full of curls. Remember the scene from the film the pillow fight. In fact, it looks fun: Yuri fighting with each other, feathers flying. But I had varnished hair, and feathers in them has stuck. Make-up artists, preparing for the next stage in Rucava six hours of their choosing. I even fell asleep.—
      It would seem that all your desires are fulfilled. What else is your dream?
      Луиза-Габриэлла Бровина: «Я побила Юрия Колокольникова»Credo I follow: dreams have to come true. I want to become a strong actress who will go down in history. What I love about this profession – you can live so many lives, playing their characters!

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