Павел Майков оказался в центре скандала после критики «Бригады» The actor spoke out about the series, which once played together with Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Dmitry duuuum. According to Pavel Maikov, the project contributed to the growth of crime in Russia.
Павел Майков оказался в центре скандала после критики «Бригады»

42-year-old actor Pavel Maikov was in the center of a scandal after a recent interview with journalists. The artist has allowed himself to speak out sharply on the popular series “Brigada”, in which he played together with Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Dmitry duuuum. Since the output of the project to the screens after 16 years. At the time, many have tried to imitate the main characters – Sasha White, Cosmos, Bees and Phil.

During the conversation with journalists Mike said that the unhappy reaction of the audience to the show. According to the artist, he has brought more harm to society than good.

“With the release of “Brigade” in 2000 in our cinema, nothing has appeared that would have infected and inspired the people. Nothing. For me as an actor in the TV series “Brigade” benefit – recognition, and to society, of people harm. “Brigade” is a crime against Russia, in which I participated,” said Paul.
Павел Майков оказался в центре скандала после критики «Бригады»

Paul Mike added that he remembers the excitement, which at the time was called “Team”. According to Maikov, the popularity of the series can be the envy of many projects that was released recently.

“When I watched the “Brigade” – the streets were deserted, crime has decreased – all sat and watched “Team,” shared Mike. – They say that Bondarchuk filmed the cult movie nonsense: no one is watching films of a novel”.

Analyzing the state of contemporary Russian cinema, Paul admitted that he was not satisfied with many films. The actor has complained that is not enough good paintings.

“In Russia, cinema is dead. Shoot for the billions of money is terribly mediocre films. Mounting waste the money is spent. Starred in the TV series “Caviar” – once stuff to the First channel – want to earn money, damn them. But cinema today in Russia,” – says the artist.

The quality of the acting, added Paul, too, leaves much to be desired. “Few people know how to play. The talking heads on the screen, uttering a meaningless phrase,” shared the actor. When Mike thinks about the quality of the movies in which has played, it feels shame. The man believes that Hamming on the screen. At the same time Paul tries to give all the power to the theater, laying out on the stage.

By the way, recently held the premiere of “Fashion” with the participation of Maikov. Star in character from the 90s – the new Russian, who owns the factories and steamers. The actor admitted that it was difficult to like his character. “These businessmen, for whom all means are good, I don’t understand or accept, and keep away from them,” shared Paul with the “Evening Moscow”.

Later another famous actor Dmitry Pevtsov, who starred in cult TV series “Gangster Petersburg”, said that a movie about the criminal authorities does not harm society.

“It is not necessary to talk about the robbery, shooting bandits. It is not what, but how and who does it,” explained the Singers in the radio station “Moscow Says”.

We will remind, Dmitry “Gangster Petersburg” played the role of the senior investigator of the Prosecutor’s office. Later, the hero becomes Pevtsov lawyer Sergei Lukomsky. He infiltrates a mafia structure in order to avenge the murder of his parents.