Ольга Бузова сблизилась с «самым красивым преступником» Джереми Миксом The presenter asked the young man to shoot the video for the song Wi-Fi. Olga Buzova admitted that he found Jeremy Mix is an ideal candidate for the lead male role in her new video. Fans will be able to assess the efforts of the star is February 14.
Ольга Бузова сблизилась с «самым красивым преступником» Джереми Миксом

On the last day of January, Olga Buzova started work on releases the video for the song Wi-Fi. Invited guest presenter and an aspiring singer was Jeremy Meeks, better known as “the most beautiful criminal in the world.” The young man, released from prison in 2016, has become an Internet star.

The arrival of the Mix Mosca caused a stir among his fans. To work with Olga, Jeremy at the time left his beloved Chloe green, the heiress of Topshop. The young man admitted that his girlfriend is not jealous.

Speaking about the plot of the clip, the star did not go into details.

“You’ll see in the clip. In fact, we wanted to keep it a secret to shock the audience opening night. But I can’t! If you saw our pictures together, you would still come here, – said the leader and the singer to reporters. – New year I begin with important events for me – the filming of the video. We have been planning the shooting and considered different options of the actors. When I stumbled on the page Jeremy, you said: “I Will shoot only with him!”Jeremy is the most handsome man in the world, the most beautiful bad boy (a bad boy. – Ed.). We contacted Jeremy through the Manager, then had a private meeting. He liked the song, and he agreed to participate.”
Ольга Бузова сблизилась с «самым красивым преступником» Джереми Миксом

According to Buzova, the Mix was perfect for the role in her video. Before you come to the set, Jeremy was acquainted with the capital’s attractions. Thunderous Aplodismenty present at the press conference Olga gave to my colleague, the doll, which caused him surprise.

Ольга Бузова сблизилась с «самым красивым преступником» Джереми Миксом“I always care about people around me. We organized a tour of Jeremy, he walked on red square. He was very impressed. It’s snow – business as usual,” said star.

Reporters asked Olga, do not mind if her dark past Jeremy, to which the celebrity replied in the negative. “I love danger and risk. What are we going to do on the court, happening in Russia for the first time. I’m not afraid of difficulties. Just look at Jeremy and you will understand why we are together today,” said Buzova.

The star added that preparing for the filming of the video from last year. Olga helped a large team of professionals. “We argued not only images, but also developed the script under the concept of the song, telling about strong women who don’t want to waste your time on trifles,” shared the celebrity.