Павел Лобков стал жертвой нападения преступников According to some reports, the journalist was attacked by two unknown persons, robbed him and beaten. This was reported by his friend, with whom they have made a walk to Belorusskaya. Later Paul personally commented on this information.

      Павел Лобков стал жертвой нападения преступников

      As reported by some sources, on Monday morning attacked by unknown TV presenter Paul Lobkova. According to journalists, the incident occurred in the center of Moscow, 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. Law enforcement authorities turned a friend of showman Vladimir Afromeev. He said that Lobkova was beaten and robbed.

      In the words of another journalist during a walk two men approached Paul and began to beat him. Criminals seized the victim’s phone and wallet with Bank cards.

      Police are investigating the details of the incident with the Pubic, interrogating eyewitness of the attack. Less than a day ago, the columnist shared with your followers with posts on social networks. After some time Paul got in touch with the press and personally denied information about the attack on him.

      “All nonsense. All lies. The attack was not” – said the journalist.

      Recall that in the winter of 2015, the day of struggle against AIDS, in the program Hard Day’s Night on the TV channel “Rain” pube openly admitted that he’s HIV-positive status. The disease was discovered in 2003. According to lead, his life has completely changed since then. This news has caused controversial reactions from the public. The journalist, who worked for channel five Saint Petersburg and NTV, sympathized with many friends and supported him in the difficult struggle with the disease.

      “The doctor with the face of a Soviet Buddha said to me: “You detached from the program of voluntary medical insurance because you have HIV infection, your case will be transferred to the Moscow health Committee, where you will be placed on the account. All the best, bye!”, – said Lobkov about how the health worker told him about a serious disease.

      Over the past four years, the journalist working on the TV channel “Rain”. In may of this year Lobkova disagreement with the leadership, and he was going to leave the company. “I’m leaving. It hurts me, as, perhaps, few. You were the last hope,” wrote a columnist on his page.