Paul Will no longer hide the grown son

Павел Воля перестал скрывать подросшего сына
Showman published a picture of Robert in honor of his birthday.

Yesterday the son of Paul Will and
Laysan Utyasheva — Robert celebrated his birthday. The boy was
three years. In honor of the birthday of Pavel Volya in his microblog published a picture
his grown son, accompanied by a photo of a touching congratulation.

Павел Воля перестал скрывать подросшего сына

Robert, son of Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva

Photo: @Instagram pavelvolyaofficial Pavel Volya

“This is my best friend. This is my son. Robert Will. It’s his birthday, and he dressed himself with all the gifts. Said now to be the only way, and the mosquitoes can’t bite him in the face. Son, I am sure, years later, you will read this greeting. Robert, our dear vkusnyashek, my mother and I love you very much. Be healthy, the rest you will understand yourself. Be cheerful and happy. Smile and laugh. Run faster than us. Be better than we were. Be yourself. You’re still young, but you’re a real man. What a helper! Like you care about my mom! As you love and protect sister! Always be together, our children. Rob, I don’t remember how we lived without you. And, frankly, don’t want to remember. Son, rusty, but not too quickly. Stay a little. Play, play with us, and we were returned to the childhood. Thank you for the three happy years! Thank you my favorite Lesenka. I will always remember your happy day and all the days after it. Thank you for our happiness. Thank you for our children. I love you very much. Robert, I wish you all the best and bright. I’ll always be with you. You always can count on me. Always. Be the happy child and then a man and then a father. And let my words fly to God’s ears. After all, he had once gave me such happiness. Happy birthday to the best boy on Earth! Your dad,” wrote Will.

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya. June 2015

Photo: Sergey Sevostyanov/ITAR-TASS

For fans of Paul’s photo was a pleasant surprise, because earlier the showman carefully concealed his son from the camera lenses. By the way, his daughter Sophia, which recently turned one year old, Will is as is not showing to the General public. The only image available to fans of the entertainer flaunts in the form of a tattoo on the chest of a showman.

By the way, Will and Utyasheva, as they admitted, is not going to stop there and plan to soon move into the ranks of the parents. Rosie even has already decided in which country to give birth to a third child.

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