Павел Воля опять снимается в кино

Resident of Comedy Club have once again decided to manifest himself in the actor’s environment.

Rarely, but neatly – it seems, adheres to the motto Pasha Will. Every few years, he starred in the movie. The last picture with his participation was released in 2012 – it was the film “happy new year, moms!”, where Pasha was the son of one of the heroines.

Four years have passed, and now a resident of Comedy Club missed the filming. However, in the new film “the Game” by Dmitry Astrakhan showman got a very simple role, along with actress Valeria Kozhevnikova, known to the audience for the TV series “beauty Queen”, he was supposed to play the lead one event. For Pasha it is a piece of cake, as you know. But his partner Valerie had a hard time. And not because it is a difficult role, but because the actress is in position, and every hour spent in high heels, given to her with difficulty.

“The process of filming absorbs me, and I try to ignore the difficulties and inconveniences during operation, – admitted Valery Woman’s Day. — Besides, with such a great partner, as Will Paul, the shooting took place in a positive and fun. We immediately see that the Pasha is a great and caring father of two children. He tried to support me and in every way controlled group administrator, so I just brought the chair to rest. For me to be leading is a new experience, I since the childhood was afraid of the big stage, but adapted quickly, so now can conduct corporate events.

“The game” is a fascinating story with elements of Thriller and the detective, it would seem, at first sight of the serene life of the famous writer, who all is going perfect: a successful career, a happy personal life… But everything is so simple and smoothly? Perhaps the visible success of something or someone hiding? The Director promises that the audience expects a dynamic picture full of intrigue, which until the moment of denouement will keep you in suspense.

The film’s release is scheduled for spring 2017.