Алексей Чадов собрал друзей на праздновании 35-летия
The actor organized a noisy party at the club.

Alexei Chadov in the company of the guests at the party

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Alexei Chadov recently celebrated with their friends 35th anniversary. Russian actor decided not to set a certain theme party in honor of the birthday and just picked the company the people close to him in well-known Metropolitan school.

Among others, the celebration was attended by Pavel Derevyanko and Maria Kravtsova, which by the way, at the end, he warmly thanked Alexey for they organized a fun party. For presenter birthday of the actor was a good opportunity to relax a bit from working mom to two wonderful kids. “Even double moms out of the house without a wheelchair! Especially when there is a reason… happy birthday, dear Alex! Let life spoil generous to you and you give us this opportunity to meet together and enjoy your sparkling company! Love you! Be happy!” — Mary wrote in the microblog.

By the way, at their own festival Alex boasted a bronze tan that he “earned” while on vacation with his son Fedor. The actor was vacationing with his heir in Spain. Incidentally, Chadov, despite the breakup with the boy’s mother — Agnia Ditkovskite, behaves like an exemplary father. Any ears the minute he tries to spend it with Fedor.