Павел Прилучный может бросить супругу из-за ее депрессии
A few days ago, fans of the star couple Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece experienced due to the disorder in their family.

Павел Прилучный может бросить супругу из-за ее депрессии

Agatha was published in the microblog post, from which one could conclude that the gap of the pair.

The girl in questions from subscribers about what happened, didn’t respond, and reporters but said: “I don’t want to talk about it…”

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to make a prediction for the future of the couple.

“But with all these positive qualities, Paul has a penchant for polygamy. He is one of those men who, being married, looking to the side, even in 70 years. Tellingly, to convict him of treason impossible. Paul is able to smoothly lie and being caught in a lie, never admit that you told a lie, even if it is pressed to the wall. Add to that the bright appearance of the actor, and then it becomes easy to guess, in what the reason of anxiety of his wife” – said Clara.

I hope that the stars will be able to survive difficult times in the relationship.

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