Ольга Ветер обеспокоила фанатов желанием похудеть
The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Olga the Wind intently watching their figure.

Ольга Ветер обеспокоила фанатов желанием похудеть

The young mother did not want to be satisfied with the achieved weight and still trying to lose weight.

To this the fans responded ambiguously, many believe that the star will bring yourself to anorexia.

“Olga, I think you’re even a little breeze will carry away. Lost a lot of weight”, “I’m in shock! Why? You’re so thin! What will remain of you?” Just wants to be probably anorexic! Well if fat was, and here where do? Thin! Crazy quite…”, “Lord, what is there to dry… Does people go crazy”, “Where you have to lose weight? You and so all is well!”, “Why are you drying? Sick, apparently. Anorexia will earn!” – concerned fans.

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