Прохожие пытались заступиться за избитую Глюк'оZу
The singer shared his feelings.

Natalia Ionova

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova told in detail about the process of filming her new music video. The idea of the Director, the video will be the scene of street fights, the main character who will perform the singer herself. Work on the episode in which Natalia beat a young guy, it turns out, was not easy, not only Natalie, but also bystanders.

“This video was very experimental. There is footage of me on the street, and is candid. There I experience very simple emotions …. But you know, people who I did not know, just passers-by – were ready to jump to my aid, spoke words of encouragement…” said ionov. The most curious thing that at some point the film crew had to interrupt work due to the fact that bystanders, not knowing what was really going on, tried to stand up for the artist. 30-year-old Natalia personally explained “the defenders” that is in the process of shooting a hidden camera and the guy beats her for fun. In any case, the performer was pleased that the streets were so many people who care.

Recall that in the summer Natalia premiered the video for the song “I’ll be secret.” The shooting of this video is also not without “overlap”. At the last moment, the Director has revised the concept of the clip, and sensual dance that Ionova long rehearsals with the choreographer isn’t used. The singer of this fact was very disappointed, because to put a dance consisting of complicated elements, Natalia spent a lot of time and effort.