Партнерша Виктории Бони по бизнесу оказалась с девушкой с «нечистой репутацией»

Victoria Bonya always been honest with his fans, because the details that she found out about his business partner to hide she did not.
Recently, the former star of “House-2” has presented a collection of sexy retro swimwear. In implementing her ideas helped her some “business partner”, which actually turned out to be a pimp.

About the dubious reputation of women Bonia learned from reliable sources, because he hastened to tell the world not to harm their reputation, to avoid speculation, unnecessary conversations and suspicions, in the occupation of the same.

“Girls, you all remember that I recently began the production of swimwear. For six months I worked with a man who is also involved in their production. And when I came out of our joint line and a joint photo with this girl (no names) I got some bad info on that it is engaged in the real pimping. Because of my gullibility, I used to trust people and not check them. I am very worried about my reputation, which is now trying to stain yellow edition. I decided to stop all cooperation with this person so as not to provoke another batch of scandals and rumors. So, I wanted to let you know. Unfortunately, it is a fact and not just hearsay. If the information was not checked, I would never interrupt the cooperation, which has invested so much time and effort! Thank you for understanding!” — wrote a TV presenter. Note that the name of his guilty business partner Bonia calls.