Джастин Бибер решил расстаться с Ferrari, которую однажды потерял

Justin Bieber is a regular participant in ratings of the richest celebrities, young performers, etc. It seems that the singer does not know the account money, which he brings to his work. Bieber often gets himself expensive toys, which once was a car worth about 270 thousand dollars.

However, this acquisition was for Justin to be important or valuable. This is evidenced by the fact that being in a foreign city, Bieber lost the car. Machine singer left in the Parking lot of one of the hotels of Beverly hills.

As for the performer, the car is not particularly valuable, he decided to get rid of it.

Today it was announced that on January 21 held an auction in the city of Scottsdale (Arizona), where the car will be sold.

Note that after Bieber bought the car, it has undergone an exclusive tuning, however, during the operation it had some scratches and small dents.