Participating in the filming of the TV channel “Friday!” started a fight

Участницы съемок телеканала «Пятница!»  устроили драку
Soon will start the second season of the provocative project “Tomboy”.

The participant of the show “pretty darling girl”

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

“Friday!” kicks off the second season of the provocative project “Tomboy”. Heroines of the project will take place in the walls of the “School Lady” a few months to try to get rid of their demons, relive the drama of the past and start a new life. Now these angry young girls cheeky, aggressive and don’t know good manners. But the creators of the project claim that the ostentatious brutality is only forced armor behind it, in fact, vulnerable and deeply unhappy soul.

Broadcasting a promotional video of the actress performing the role of “Palanok” converge in fierce fight, in which transformirovalsya in society ladies in elegant dresses. During the creation of the video on “Friday!” was inspired by the stories of girls from the first season of the project: then the audience is actually online watched a fierce struggle heroines for a chance to change themselves and their destiny. And those who reached the final of the project, went through a very brutal internal battle with his past, and emerged from this battle victorious.

The video was directed by famous music video Director Konstantin Cherepkov, for which this work has become the fourth implemented jointly with the TV channel “Friday!”.

For the final scene, the costume designers made a collection платьевHaute Couture, including gorgeous gowns from Vera Wang. And added their exclusive handmade jewellery. The characters were created by a top team of Chanel makeup artists headed by lead stylist Ernest Muntanyola, and carried forward, including an advertising campaign in Outdoor.

The photography for the Outdoor campaign converted Danil Golovkin is one of the best Russian fashion photographers. His portfolio includes covers for Vogue, GQ, l’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, etc. as a result, the prints for outdoor advertising campaign turned out atmospheric and Moody, they allow the audience to feel for the images models the characters of these heroines: a strong spirit of girls who decided to change themselves and their lives.