Состав Comedy Woman решено заменить

The producer of the popular show Natalia Andreeva believes that the project needs new faces.

The last 10 years gold member of the show Comedy Woman headed his producer and the mastermind behind Natalia, Aprikian delighted the audience with TNT.

Now it’s time for a change. As it became known, the composition of the show decided to disband. But the project will continue its activities, but with other participants who have yet to find. Natalya is preparing to announce a new casting in the near future.

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A few days ago there was shooting where, according to Arikan clown that they can “go home”, was held a few days ago. Of course, the announcement was made in comic form and is part of the scenario, but soon the show’s producer will make another statement, but this time it will be the truth.

This turn of events was a complete surprise for everyone, because the recently launched new season of the show Comedy Woman. How will the events develop further, is unclear, because participating in the project, declined to comment, but Arikan spoke on this occasion.

Comedy Woman is constantly evolving, not standing still. Any show sooner or later need a change, need new faces and young blood,” and often a complete change of the existing structure, – explained the situation Natalia “Life”. — Casting in the project of new talent will start in the coming days, and the fate of each member of the current composition will be decided in individual cases.”