Пэрис Джексон бросила бойфренда-рокера

The only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson Paris Jackson left her boyfriend Michael Snody. Insiders told the publication RadarOnline, exactly where patience is gone girls.

A few weeks ago lovers spent a few days in Paris. Michael even published their joint photo taken under the Eiffel tower, signed “I love Paris!”. After that, a week had passed since they parted ways. Broke up Paris and Michael are not friends.
Even during their Paris vacation, Paris began displaying strange messages like “the root of all suffering is attachment”. After that, Jackson came home in splendid isolation, and a couple was never seen together. Soon, the insiders confirmed that they are not together.
Soon Paris had removed all of the recent joint photo with Michael, leaving only one made in Hawaii.
“Michael thought that maybe refers to Paris as he pleases, but he was wrong,” said a source close to the singer’s daughters.
Recall that met Michael and Paris in alcoholics anonymous. After the first of the joint sessions, the couple decided that they outside help is not needed. The Jackson family was shocked – they were worried that the rocker will not only help Paris get rid of alcohol addiction, but also will push her to the brink. The grandmother, Michael’s mother, demanded that she returned home, but she just stopped answering the phone.