Пэрис Джексон лечится от алкоголизма

Western media reported that 20-year-old Paris Jackson is secretly being treated in a rehabilitation clinic. As some sources, the cause of treatment may not be simple fatigue model, and bad habits or addiction.

Пэрис Джексон лечится от алкоголизма

As reported by the newspaper, Paris had to go to a rehab facility for “emotional state”. Star is tired of the constant attention and work, so I decided to take a break and relax, while adjusting the mental and physical health. Meanwhile, the publication Radar Online reports that the reason was not just fatigue, and alcoholism. The young girl already had problems with drugs and even wanted to commit suicide.

“After a hard year of work, Paris decided that she needed some rest, to reboot. Her physical and emotional state for her is now a priority. She went to the clinic and become a patient. She hoped that there would help her with her problems and make a plan of treatment,” reported by Western media.

Friends and relatives of the stars are concerned, the current model boyfriend, musician Gabriel Glenn, admitted in a conversation with her relatives, Paris really need expert help. The relatives of the accused in this state of a star is Glenn, who is a bad influence on the girl.

From December 14 the star does not hold positions in social networks. Perhaps the model Christmas spent away from home. Where now Paris is not known. I hope the star will soon recover.

The source also added that the star is looking forward to completing the course and wants to start a new project. It seems that the stay in rehab has gone only on advantage and very soon the star will please fans of something interesting.

We will remind, the children of music legends is not so easy to find his calling in life, so many of them get lost and end up sliding to the bottom. However, the daughter of a legend of pop music Michael Jackson continues to search for himself in the work, initially mastered the business model. From genes to run, so Paris decided to follow in the footsteps of his father.
Start Paris decided to create their own music band along with her boyfriend called the Soundflowers, which plays the role of soloist. For the first time the band performed in the early summer, and the second performance took place at the weekend. Place of the performance was a charity festival Canyon Sessions. The performance was special because to see the concert and support her granddaughter came the mother of Michael Jackson — Katherine Jackson. “I can’t believe that my grandmother was here! She really liked? Grandma, I love you so much! I’m happy that we played for you,” wrote Paris in Instagram.

Earlier, the girl admitted that she had a period of hatred to himself and to his body. Paris is proud that we were able to get out of this period and became who is now. “Some days I like my body, other days I like it less. Before I really hated myself, but now I’m happy to say that I grew out of it. I’m proud of myself and love myself,” admits Paris.

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