Ольга Демьянова собрала самых уникальных девушек России на конкурсе красоты
On February 21 Vegas City Hall will host an unprecedented and large-scale beauty contest “You are unique”.

Ольга Демьянова собрала самых уникальных девушек России на конкурсе красоты

The main feature of competition is that for participation in it does not require the model parameters or reference stamps outer beauty. The only restriction is age. To participate in the contest can girls of from fifteen to thirty-five years.

“For us it does not matter the marital status of the participants, whether they have children, tattoos or piercings. The most important is the personality and desire to be the best”

– commented Director of competition in Moscow Olga Demyanova.

The contest is girls the opportunity to go on the big stage Vegas City Hall with famous artists of our country, as well as participate in a staged musical and compete for the main prize – the crown of the contest “YOU are UNIQUE”.

It is important to note that each participant will pass a preparatory programme with many workshops. Girls will be provided with designer dresses, swimsuits for all outputs and a photo shoot and the images will work the Top stylists and makeup artists.

“In our project “YOU are UNIQUE” there is something to be overcome! In addition to crown the winners are waiting for great prizes: furs, jewelry, cash prizes, cars and many more. The winner of the qualifying stages waiting for the ticket to participate in the Grand Final, which will take place in Saint Petersburg on 15 March is the Anniversary all-Russian final, where the main prize – APARTMENT!”.

It will involve girls from all over Russia, the winner from each city.

For more information on the competition website Ti-unikalnaya.ru and official Instagram accounts:

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