Paris Hilton named her son after the billionaire grandfather who disinherited her could not choose a banal name for the firstborn.

Paris Hilton named her son after the billionaire grandfather who disinherited her In January 2023, the media began to discuss the news that 42-year-old Paris Hilton had her first child. To be more precise, the socialite and her husband Carter Reum became parents using the service of surrogacy.

Paris took care of procreation a few years ago by freezing her eggs. The couple really dreamed of becoming parents for a long time and were ready to resort to any method, including IVF. But in the end we decided to choose a surrogate mother.

Paris Hilton named her son after his grandfather -billionaire who disinherited her

On the air of the This is Paris podcast, the star finally told how she named her newborn son: the boy received the name Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum.
She gave the name Phoenix in honor of the mythical bird that can be reborn from the ashes. I want my son to grow up with the understanding that life is full of ups and downs and that we should never lose hope for a brighter future. And it is important that when the flame flares up and then goes out – the phoenix rises from the ashes to fly again, ”said Paris Hilton.

The middle name, Barron, was given to the boy in honor of the late grandfather, Barron Hilton, owner of the Hilton hotel chain.

The surprising thing about this story is that Paris became the main disappointment for the grandfather: erotic video featuring her granddaughter and her ex-boyfriend, Rick Salomon.
Also, two detentions and even a prison term for drunk driving were a blow to Barron Hilton.
However, despite the fact that he deprived her inheritance, Paris still has warm feelings for him, so she decided to honor his memory in such a touching way.

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