Пэрис Хилтон и Крис Зилка перенесли свадьбу

Not far away was the wedding of the famous blonde Paris Hilton and actor of the series “Left behind” Chris Zilke. 11.11 the couple wanted to get married, but something went wrong. According to sources for publication PageSix, the lovers moved up the wedding.

“They were going to get married in November, but then decided to move in may. Paris needs more time for planning and organization,” — said the insider.

In early January of this year, Hollywood actor Chris Zylka made a proposal to his beloved Paris Hilton. Only recently he gave her an expensive ring during a ski vacation in aspen, and Paris has already shared the plans for the upcoming wedding. As reported by star, the event will be held in three different locations: America, Europe and tropical jungle.

As told close to the couple the source, the main ceremony will be held on November 11 in California Church Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly hills. Chose this place to Paris not just because in 1979 there took place the wedding of her parents — Richard and Katie. By the way, their wedding was also held in November. Chris Zylka for the favorite and even planned to become a Catholic. “Paris and Chris really want children and are already planning the replenishment for the next year, so it’s important they have one religion.”

37-year-old star zero also said that the wedding dress will be in the style of disney princesses. The design of the attire will be to develop an American designer Jeremy Scott.

“I said Yes! I’m so happy and so thrilled that you’re engaged to the love of my life. My best friend and soul mate. The perfect man for me in every sense. Incredibly loyal, trustworthy, loving and kind. I was the luckiest in the world! You’re my dream that came true! Thank you for showing me that fairy tale exists.” Paris wrote on instagram.