Родители взволнованы предупреждениями о массовых самоубийствах подростков In social networks and via SMS-messages spread alarming information. Lyrics shocking about possible suicides among teenagers appeared at the end of this week. At the moment the police are investigating the situation.

    Родители взволнованы предупреждениями о массовых самоубийствах подростков

    At the end of last week in the Internet appeared the information about the activation of the “groups of death”. Within a few months, the Russian parents are concerned that communities in social networks brainwash their children and forced to perform dangerous jobs that lead to suicide. Recently adults have received warnings that a group of people preparing a campaign against children and adolescents.

    To avoid the tragedy, the parents of students appeal to very carefully monitor their heirs in the coming weekend, not to leave them alone and nowhere to go. According to information scattered around the Network, in the promotion can take part more than five thousand children from different cities of Russia.

    Родители взволнованы предупреждениями о массовых самоубийствах подростков

    Information about the mass suicides caused panic among many parents. In Russian schools immediately held an emergency meeting at which the most vigilant teachers warned mom and dad about the impending action.

    Родители взволнованы предупреждениями о массовых самоубийствах подростков

    Journalists that are exactly the same as others have received reports of mass suicides via social networks and email address revisions, has managed to hold its own investigation and found out something. The police has nothing to do with this list irrelevant. Moreover, the interior Ministry is now engaged in the search for the author.

    “GU MVD of Russia in Moscow officially declares that circulated on the social networks and messengers information about the promotion of child and adolescent suicide is not true. Police is taking all necessary measures to establish the source of dissemination of such texts,” – said in the Chapter.

    Know nothing about the impending action and the investigative Committee of Russia, who is investigating crimes against minors. Senior assistant SU IC in the Kaliningrad region Natalia gatsko said that reports of this kind in the administration were not reported. “This is not even worth talking about. Better to go to a weekend walk with the kids, not to sit at the computer and read these messages,” said Gacko in an interview with local newspaper.

    According to experts, the sent message is not just a fake or the stuffing information, and a real attempt to cause a panic in society, further complicate the relationship between children and adults, and increase the number of suicides among adolescents.

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    We will remind that now in our country is an active struggle with the so-called “Groups of death” in social networks. On 9 March in the state Duma was introduced a bill under which it is planned to toughen punishment for incitement of children to suicide over the Internet.