Panayotov joined the fight with Elena Temnikova

Панайотов вступил в борьбу с Еленой Темниковой
Discussing candidates for the role of the representative of Russia at “Eurovision -2017”.


The Network has begun a vigorous discussion of the choice of the artist who will represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017”. In social networks appeared in the list of likely candidates for this role. The short list includes: Alexander Panayotov, Elena Temnikova, the winner of the show “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk, Jane and the staff of the Turkish SOPRANO.

Not hard to guess that fans of each artist hope that their idol went to the international music competition. The most likely candidates, according to fans, are Panayotov and Temnikova. Rumors that Alexander will represent Russia this year at Eurovision, was received positively. Many of his colleagues at the scene admitted that Panayotov is the one who deserves this chance.

Alexander for best performance at “Eurovision” will debut. But Elena in 2007, participated in the competition in the group SEREBRO, the girl then took the third place. In support of Temnikovo managed to speak to her friend Olga Buzova. “I believe that is the heart of our contemporary music now. My personal opinion. I would be really happy for her friend. What do you think, my good?” — asked Olga subscribers.

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