Памела Андерсон покидает Голливуд
The actress is preparing to start a new life.

Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson recently
disappointed his American fans, announcing that is leaving the continent.
Says 49-year-old actress, she intends to move permanently to Europe. About it
reported the online edition of cоntactmusic.com.

Pamela, which is on the eve of New
I want to sum up the flying time period came up for the unexpected
conclusions. “I suddenly realized that to date, most of my friends moved
in France and in Britain, in America they remained much less. So I decided that in the coming year it is
time for me to make my longstanding dream to move to Europe . Now
actively looking for an apartment in London or Paris…” — said Anderson.

Now it is quite
can afford it. First of all, because after his divorce with
Rick Salomon held in the spring of 2015, it is absolutely free, and it does not have to spend time and effort
persuading your partner to move to another continent. Her two sons
has matured and can take care of myself: senior Brandon
was 20 years old, and the younger Dylan — 18. Both boys attend school and successfully earn
in the modeling business. Besides, Anderson had arranged his Affairs in such a way that
can act in films only when she pleases. In addition
fees, it adds to your “wallet” with funds that she receives by renting
rental is owned by her estate
in her native Canada and in America.

And since Pamela is not necessary
now to spend the time to earn a living, she decided from now on
to devote his life to protecting animals and the environment. Therefore, in addition to
Europe, Anderson expects some time to stay still and in Africa to
to take part in saving elephants and rhinos from extinction. Besides, Pamela
want to contribute in saving the planet from global warming. “I
tired of waiting, when governments start taking serious measures
to prevent further rapid climate change. And I want to personally
to convince more people to switch to using “green” that is
eco-friendly energy. Because, ultimately, it all depends on the choices that
makes each one of us…” explained Anderson.