Памела Андерсон дала второй шанс молодому бойфренду?

Recently, the media appeared the news that the 51-year-old Pamela Anderson broke up with her 32 year old boyfriend Adil Rami. But it seems that Pamela decided to leave the beloved and now the pair together. Paparazzi recently captured the stars in Paris.

The couple left the hotel in Paris and headed to dinner. The couple held hands and not a hint of breakup. Pamela chose a dress with a plunging neckline. Seeing paparazzi, Anderson began shyly to cover her breast with hands. Rami felt uncomfortable sweetheart and immediately asked the photographer to remove the camera.

Recall that despite the difference in age Pamela was seriously thinking about having a future with the footballer Adil Rami. They planned a wedding and children, but something did not grow together. Adil promised sweetheart that after France became the world Cup champion, he will do star offer. The word football kept and presented to the c ring Cartier the impressive diamond. But Pamela refused and the guy even insisted on parting.

As you know, for the sake of Pamela defender of the club “Seville” and the national team of France, Adil left his civil wife, French model Sidonie Bieman, and twin sons Zane and MADI. The kids then were only a couple of months, but Adil did not stop. According to TMZ, this was the cause of separation.

Think seriously about the separation of Pamela decided after I had spent enough time with young twins. She realized that she was an obstacle to the communication of the father with his sons. “Pamela has spent the last week with the twins and it broke her heart. She feels that is the very reason why Adil is unable to spend enough time with their sons. So pam decided to step aside to give him the opportunity to do the right thing and fully participate in the education of children. This sincere, selfless act has given Pamela a hard time, she’s heartbroken. But she thinks that Adil has to re-build a relationship with the mother of his children. She hopes that he will return to his family,” says the insider.

As you can see, home Pamela moved and decided to stay with the guy.