Palace cottage Prince Harry was less than the house of his bride

Дворцовый коттедж принца Гарри оказался меньше дома его невесты
Brother William quit Smoking for the sake of his beloved.

Дворцовый коттедж принца Гарри оказался меньше дома его невесты

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


As told one of the friends of Harry, the Prince of the recently ventured on the deed, that heavy smokers consider heroic.The Prince who “smoked”
cigarettes from adolescence, he vowed to abandon his beloved tobacco. And
yet firmly keeps his promise.

The younger brother of Prince William, who recently officially got engaged with Meghan Markle, gave his beloved
the word that she will never feel him smell “smoke”. The thing
that the Megan does not smoke and smell of tobacco made her very annoying. And although she
madly in love with Harry Markle hinted to him recently that the smell of tobacco bothers
she enjoy his kisses. So now in the house where it will be out soon
time to live for Megan and Prince, cigarettes will not smell.

Among other things, the dwelling in which the lovers are settled, are very modest in
its size — certainly by Royal standards. Although the building is located on
areas of Kensington Palace and is a spectacular name Nottingham
the cottage, its area is 120 square meters! On two floors situated
all 5 rooms. But the house is very comfortable and beautiful Victorian decor.

Curiously, the mansion where Megan lived in Toronto when he starred in
famous for her TV series “Force majeure”, were little more than Nottingham
cottage Harry. Since he was recently put up for sale, became known
its area. It turned out, is about 130 square meters. Although
this house can not be called huge, it was requested a million and a half
dollars – after all, he is positioned as
special — that is, “the house in which I began an affair Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”.

House Meghan Markle in Toronto