Ozzy Osbourne for the first time commented on the divorce

Оззи Осборн впервые прокомментировал развод с женой

Parting not the end but only the beginning. The divorce Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne due to his infidelity does not mean that they will cease to communicate at all. Yesterday the couple even appeared together in public, and 67-year-old rocker even commented on the breakup.

Immediately after the scandal with the betrayal of Ozzy disappeared from sight, there was even talk that he’s drowning sorrows in alcohol, but he soon appeared though, and in the disordered, but sober. On the same day, Sharon said in an interview that she left home because she doesn’t want to share accommodation with a traitor.
But now the musician and the journalist chilled out and decided to continue working together, and for the children they are trying to remain friends. At a press conference Ozzie last night, the appearance of Sharon was a big surprise. And although the meeting of a musician with journalists was devoted to the future of the tour, reporters were more interested in changes in personal life of the Osbournes.
“Sharon always was and still is my right hand. She is an amazing woman. She’s my everything” — was scattered in compliments to the wife of Ozzy. By the way, Mrs. Osborne is also a Director of her husband.
But, as says the source, love to go to hairdresser his wife Michelle is not just an affair for the elderly Osborne.
“Ozzy feels real and sincere feelings for Michelle, it’s not an affair for one night. Eno is a real double life, which Sharon was unable to forgive. Most of all a wife frustrates the depth of feeling of her husband to the strange woman. If it were just sex, no one would know” says the insider.

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