Над 50-летним сингапурским манекенщиком не властно время Male age looks like a young man. Photographer Cuando tan not get tired to show a perfect body, what amazes and enthralls hundreds of thousands of subscribers on your page in the microblog.

Photographer Cuando tan for a long time worked as a model in Singapore. The man recently celebrated the anniversary – he was 50 years old. Despite his advanced age, he looks very young, his face no wrinkles, and the hair retains its dark-brown hue with no gray. On some photos you might think that, Cuando, exchanging sixth decade, not more than 20 years.

In the microblog a man shows the body – buffed bare torso, biceps and muscular legs. Many fans are trying to unravel the secret of his phenomenal appearance. Cuando said that he leads a healthy lifestyle – exercise regularly. Also, the Singapore model has developed a habit not to go into the shower late at night or early in the morning. This is what he explains the youthfulness of the skin.

For 10 years the man works as a photographer along with a companion. Their pictures appeared in various magazines in Asia and Europe, and they carried out the orders world-famous cosmetic and fashion brands. One of the most iconic photo shoots he calls the shooting Janet Jackson. It is the work his company became the cover of the album Discipline which was released in 2008.

Despite the fact that the 50 year old man, and he shamelessly puts on display photos, which appears half-naked, Cuando not telling the public about his personal life. Fans known free the heart of the photographer.

Now for the account of Tana followed more than 230 thousand subscribers. The followers admire the beauty and appearance of men. In the comments they Express your enthusiasm and dream to be the face and body as well has not changed over the years. As reported, Cuando edition of the Daily Mail, its appearance is also responsible for good genes.