Алексей Рыжов крестил дочь. ФОТО The wife of the soloist “Disco crash” Irina shared with personnel ordinances. The event was held in the temple in Dermizax. Unfortunately, the musician couldn’t be in a solemn moment with his wife and child.
Алексей Рыжов крестил дочь. ФОТО

The lead singer of “Disco crash” Alexey Ryzhov baptized daughter. About happy event in the lives of their families, said the wife of the artist, Irina. The heiress of the singer, 2-year-old Lydia was quiet during the sacrament. For the baptismal ceremony chose Church of St. Gregory neokesariysky in Dermizax.

“I love this Church at first glance and as well made up that it was there baptized our kids. The only but big disappointment that our daddy was unable to attend,” said Ryzhov.

As told Irina, in this day also took place the baptism of her sister, David. The boy was born in April of this year. Talking about the sacraments, the wife of Alexei noted that he was pleased with the priest, who performed the ritual.

“Our father is so good, and all the children were baptized with us, in his arms quietly and intently silent. Feel his kind soul. Lida cried at the beginning, as wanted to sleep and to my arms. Had to take to be quiet!” – said Irina.

In the comments to the posts of users of the social network to congratulate the family with a ceremonial event. According to most followers Ryzhova, photos from the event was truly magical.

“Ira, congratulations! A wonderful event”, “Health girl”, “a Miracle! As always a pleasure to look at!”, “May God bless and protect”, – wrote on the page the user social network.

Recall that the baby was born in February 2016. For Alexey Ryzhov girl was the third child. The musician has two older children, son Ivan and daughter Tatiana. The actor got acquainted with Irina in the Internet site “Schoolmates”. The beloved singer is originally from Astana. The novel evolved so rapidly that even a 16-year age difference was not a hindrance to their relationship. For several years now the couple is happily married, and recently Irina and Alexey celebrated wooden wedding.