Отар Кушанашвили рассказал о том, почему на самом деле Боня осталась одна
The presenter pointed to the lack of Victoria.

Отар Кушанашвили рассказал о том, почему на самом деле Боня осталась одна

Victoria Bonya and Alex smerfit

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Otar Kushanashvili is famous for its unique style of communication. The presenter considers it necessary to comment on social networks all the loudest events of show business. Here is the news about the separation of Victoria Bonnie with her civil husband Alex Servicom not passed by the flock. On the days he devoted to this topical subject publishing in his blog. Kushanashvili told about the fact that, in his opinion, in fact, was the cause of the bright end of the novel the Russian TV stars.

He believes that to build a happy family life Bon disrupt her professional ambitions. “I remember a rule of life for certain kids: “don’t stand in the way of high feelings”, but the rule signified on high. I even Anya Sedokova once said that all our more or less famous people the confusion with priorities, which translated from Georgian into Russian means: to want to eat fish… you know the rest.
Believe me Doc: the family is only the privilege of the retail sale and then the debt. Very soon, the focus has shifted.
I don’t see and I have sight hearing pretannia, and I don’t hear anyone who has the desire and strength to this sacred duty to fulfill…” — shared his thoughts Otar.

By the way, he doubts that the pair will be able to maintain friendly relations. Cusanelli convinced that on such relations also need a lot of work, but Victoria due to the large employment does not have a lot of time. “But here it is: “We will be best friends,” etc., this syllogistic feed Jolie. Because friendship is also work, but “my busy schedule” don’t hate, Rafiq, children, grandma, friends to the Museum, for me cover cry,” he said.

Recall that little more than a week ago Victoria has officially declared in the microblog that broke up with the father of her daughter. Then she admitted that the breakup happened not because of cheating or scandals, but because of the fact that between them was love. However, Bonia hopes that now they have just began a new phase of communication — friendly. They agreed that they would together to educate Angelina. However, while the girl spends significantly more time with dad. Now, for example, Alex with daughter have a rest on the island of St. Barts, where Victoria didn’t.