Православные активисты требуют снять Сергея Шнурова с эфира

Novosibirsk Orthodox activists still can not leave the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov. The man politely lead on “the First channel” talk show “About love”, is not matter and not even singing, but the guardians of Christian morality require that the program was closed. They even sent letters to the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of culture and to the leadership of the TV channel.

“We appeal to the head of the First Russian state channel one Konstantin Ernst with a request to be more selective in inviting guests and employees to the main channel and not to forget that television should be a conductor of the state cultural policy. The image and behavior of his on television and concert venues in the country creates the mood of the soul, from which come the antisocial behaviour with the violation of the good morals of the people, undermining family values and authority of mother and father,” the letter reads.
But on TV I do not see anything illegal or immoral command or words Shnurov, and please do not confuse his stage persona with the role of presenter.
“It is not necessary to project the controversial stage persona on his other projects with his participation – said the creators of the TV show. – We understand that “channel” is not a place for curses and provocations, so they are not in any of our program. Nothing immoral behavior Sergey Shnurov on the screen either. On the contrary, in the Studio, he shows himself a professional, educated and tactful man who is sickened by the familiarity and rudeness. In addition, the program promotes family values and is popular among the audience – she’s got good ratings” – said the creators of the project.