Orlando bloom fears for the lives of 6-year-old son

Орландо Блум опасается за жизнь 6-летнего сына

Six years ago life Orlando bloom has changed dramatically. This was due to the birth of the actor’s son Flynn. The baby was born, when Orlando was married to a supermodel, Mirando Kerr. But two years later the couple broke up, nonetheless, managed to maintain a good relationship. Due to the fact that now old lovers do not live together, bloom to see my son not as often as he wanted. But when the men still meet, they try to maximize fun and to spend time. Orlando leads the son to walk, riding with him on the rides – in General, doing everything the same as any other loving parent.

Also, the actor admitted that they are worried about the future of his child. Especially given the situation in the community and throughout the events of the terrorist attack.

40-year-old bloom says that what is happening in the world, combined with the fact that he starred in thrillers and action movies, causes him to experience significantly stronger than ever: “Sometimes I’m in the parks or in larger amusement parks with my son and suddenly think, “Oh, it seems, may be one of those places where something terrible may happen”.

Orlando admitted that fear that at any moment something might explode familiar to him from childhood. Then the danger expected from the Irish Republican army.