Орландо Блум разменял пятый десяток
A friend made the actor run around for his birthday cake.

Orlando bloom’s mom

Photo: @Instagram orlandobloom Orlando bloom

On the occasion of the 40th birthday in Orlando
Bloom held recently, Katy Perry — a friend of the actor , which he
meets last winter, threw him a surprise party. About it
told a reporter of the website usmagazine.com.

The celebration, which took place in Palms Springs(CA)
many celebrities including Jennifer aniston, Justin Theroux, Kate Hudson
and fashion model Cara Delevingne. And all guests, by order Perry, seeded
the original “personal outfits” — overalls-pajamas, covered from top to bottom
prints with portraits of Orlando. (By the way,
the last time “pajama parties” on the occasion of birthdays become
Hollywood’s latest “rage”. For example, on a recent holiday
on the occasion of 38 anniversary of her husband Jessica Alba — Cache Warren
celebrity guests also came in their pajamas).
However, guests of Orlando so have a lot of fun at his party that all was
hot, and many of those present began to get rid of excess clothing. And men,
including the bloom, even decided to take a picture Topless.

The emergence of a spectacular birthday cake,
custom-made 32-year-old Perry, was met with universal applause. Katie
invented multi-layered confectionery “design”, decorated with
a huge white owl. However, some of the guests this much surprised and
suspected that Perry messed up on something. After all, the owl would have been appropriate on the cake
someone in the film crew of “Harry Potter”. But Orlando is known to
famous for playing not “Harry…”, and another successful franchise — Lord of the rings. By the way, thanks
“insidious” Perry conceived the arrangement of birthday candles, bloom had
run around for his cake to blow out all forty pieces.

Orlando got in that evening a lot
gifts, but, as admitted by the birthday boy, the most amazing surprise for
his sudden appearance at the celebration of his beloved mother Sonia Copeland bloom. Bloom
to celebrate almost strangled her in his arms, and after party posted
from sharing a photo in his microblog.