Виктория Дайнеко намерена обратиться в полицию из-за няни дочки
Before the singer there was a difficult choice.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Viktoriya Dayneko, it seems, intends to return to work in full force. To do this, the singer must soon choose for his beloved daughter’s nanny. The selection process of assistant most often for young mothers is quite painful, because in order to trust her baby to a stranger it needs to be proven and reliable.

To this end, the BC according to her, intends to test candidates for the vacancy very carefully. “As a person is very meticulous, I believe everything from the mental hospital data to the police!” — said Victoria. Moreover, the singer has asked for help in selecting a nanny for… the astrologer. “Normal women have an astrologer do tests compatibility with men, and I ask for the compatibility analysis of the potential nurse with a child!” she said. I

By the way, Victoria has established itself as a caring and understanding mother. She is constantly next to my baby and she is surprised how some moms can take a long time to part with the children. “For more than a year has passed, and I even half a day without its treasures cannot function normally, if moved to another town — all the sadness!” — admitted not so long ago Victoria.