Орбакайте и Аллегрова столкнулись на сцене в похожих нарядах

The singer took the stage of the “New wave” in a similar leopard print dresses.

There are also such coincidences. Christina Aguilera seems to be to this day have not been seen in the love of animal print. And suddenly gave preference to him – on stage, New wave Hall in Sochi, the singer appeared in loprazolam dress. All anything, the outfit itself is quite stylish, and Christine to face. However, after some time the audience came Irina Allegrova. Also striking blonde and almost exactly in the same suit.

The second singer was dress with black pattern and deep neckline, and the top blanket with the leopard.

Орбакайте и Аллегрова столкнулись на сцене в похожих нарядах

I wonder what thoughts swirled in the mind of Irina before going on stage? Reset – to reset this Cape… In the end, the singer was always a proud and calmly came on stage. What the viewer first I almost thought I was back Aguilera. But when it became clear who they all just smiled. Wow, is allegrovoj and Aguilera have a lot in common, at least, identical tastes in clothing.

By the way, Allegrova and Aguilera are not the first one happened like a fashionable confusion. Last year was even funnier. In identical suits came… Dima Bilan and Sergey Shnurov at the “New wave 2015” appeared in similar striped trousers.

“Why do you have a suit like Dima Bilan?” – attacked then the Cord journalists.

“So it has,” he joked.