Открылась тайна смерти Джорджа Майкла George Michael was found dead at his home in Oxfordshire on 25 Dec 2016. His partner called an ambulance when he realized that the artist shows no signs of life. Arrived at the doctors could only ascertain the death of the singer. The first findings of the coroner have caused great doubts among experts.

      Today in the mysterious death of singer and composer finally made the point. Because of the additional examinations of the body of the musician still has not been interred. Now to question the reasons for the death of a famous artist is not necessary. As has told the senior coroner of Oxfordshire Darren Salter, no more additional ekpertiz not required. The investigation, which lasted more than a year, showed that George Michael had died of natural causes.

      “The investigation of the death of George Michael completed and received the final verdict in post-mortem examinations”, – told reporters a senior coroner Darren Salter.

      It turned out that a talented musician died of a “cardiomyopathy with inflammation of the myocardium”, and “fatty liver”. Informed the police on all questions of journalists categorically noted – there are many controversial issues that require additional time and expertise.

      The death of 53-year-old George Michael shocked the world, but the singer, apparently, was ready for anything. He even made a will according to which all assets will go to his sister. 105 million pounds musician bequeathed his close cousin, 55-year-old Melanie. The musician was good friends with Melanie. Once, in the 80-ies, she even accompanied popular brother at all his concerts, his being the personal hairdresser and stylist. Not forgotten George and his older sister, 57-year-old Yoda, which is also included in the will.

      After the death of the musician began to open unexpected facts about his life. It turns out that in recent years, George Michael is actively engaged in charity. He even worked in shelters, but did not attempt to talk about it. Because “do good things”, preferring to remain anonymous. For true connoisseurs of the George Michael pleasant fact was the news that the musician was left unpublished materials more than three albums. Most of the time, the singer lived in London’s Haiget. Currently, the square opposite the building of the world famous musician turned into a spontaneous memorial. To this day residents of the British capital and guests of the city to carry flowers in memory of the greatest musician of our day.