Анна Грачевская рада оказаться в «силиконовом аду» TV host tired of the negative comments about her fifth point. The former wife of Boris Grachevsky rebuffed all the detractors. A young mother admitted that she and her husband are very pleased with the result of the operation.

      About two months ago, the media personality decided to change the appearance – Anna increased buttocks. She recovered quickly after surgery and many times showed subscribers updated form. Grachevskaya does not hide that long dreamed of having just such a figure, and that her husband, former basketball captain of “Zenit”, Artem Kuzyakin – excited, too.

      But not all fans approve of her choice, speaking in favor of natural beauty. The ex-wife of the Creator of the “jumble” was hit by a wave of negativity. Tired of such comments in his address, the woman tried to stop unpleasant for her statements.

      “Is there any prayer against idiots or guardian? Or maybe some drops in my eyes to unsee what you write “people”? I have been reading tons of comments completely strange characters and tired to ban. Don’t like my ass, heel (This, by the way, derrick. Someone wrote that I have a heel like a potato. I think it’s brilliant, go on quotes), nose, feet, mole, hairs on the upper lip and so on. Pass by, it’s my ass and my life! I decided that it would be and I don’t care what you think about it!” – wrote in his microblog host.

      But she didn’t stop and decided to continue her monologue, saying that can not tolerate bad manners of the members and intends forever to stop talking about its operation.

      “I like my big made implants, silicone ass! And most importantly – she like my husband! And to the point! The topic is closed and I do not need to ask the dumbest questions from the series “How to sit?”, “How to lie?” or “How do you go to the toilet?” Once in the ban! And as the talisman I will upload once a week for sure! So welcome to my silicone hell,” spoke Belle.

      And perhaps this post will help Grachevskoe to achieve the desired goal, because the followers immediately left dozens of positive comments with words of support and compliments.

      “Good boy, pretty woman, a wonderful wife and mother! Do not listen you are the best! I love you!”, “Normal ass. Where is it big? All the time!”, “Anya, the most simple and the most difficult to treat and easier to ignore. Always! There will always be those who don’t like your ass. And also there will always be those who will admire you. Choose someone closer to you and more enjoyable! And all the dirt, anyway, you need to learn to pass”, “If I had the money and opportunity, would have done the same thing! And many other things. Because everything in moderation and harmoniously with her figure!”