One of the contenders may be removed from the Oscar nomination for Best Actress Anniversary Scandal the Oscars flared up a month and a half before the ceremony.

Oscar nominee may be removed from Best Actress nomination Perhaps this has never happened in the rich history of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – after the announcement of all the nominees for the future Oscar at the ceremony on January 25, a participant may fall out of one category. The nomination itself gives weight to this story – it's not a technical category like best sound editing or best visual effects, it's one of the three key nominations – an award for best actress.

Oscar nominees may be removed from Best Actress nomination

At the center of the scandal was the actress Andrea Riseborough, who played the main role in the film “For Leslie” – she reincarnated as a woman with an alcohol addiction, who spends the money won in the lottery, in fact, on alcohol. The film was released in a limited release and collected mere pennies compared to other nominees from major film studios – about 30 thousand dollars. The obscurity of the tape for a wide audience and modest fees, a small film studio, the creator of the picture, very embarrassed film academics and now it was decided to conduct an internal investigation – how did this film end up among the contenders for the main world cinema award?

One of the contenders may be removed from the Oscar nomination for Best Actress

Interesting that many Hollywood stars are outraged by this decision of the academicians – they highly appreciate the work of Andrea Riseborough and consider her a worthy Oscar nominee. Celebrities point out that the film academy apparently sees the film as a threat to its entire selection system, which until then involved only large film studios, which can provide large-scale advertising campaigns for their films, which the Sake of Leslie tape did not have.
Academy meeting on this issue will be held today. The 95th Academy Awards ceremony itself will be held on March 12 in Los Angeles.

UPD from 02/02/2023: the film academy has decided to leave the nomination of the actress in force.

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