Britney Spears condemned her fans The popular singer was suddenly disappointed by her own fans.

Britney Spears condemned her fans The relationship between Britney and her fans is a unique example in the stellar environment. Spears, as you know, for more than 13 years was under the complete and humiliating guardianship of her own father and the family as a whole – they literally controlled her every step. She rarely appeared in public and performed on stage, but fans seemed to love her even more. During the final custody trial, fans staged mass flash mobs in many cities in the US and even in other countries demanding immediate freedom for Britney. Ultimately, it was the popular support that had a rather strong influence on getting rid of the “shackles” of the singer.

Britney Spears condemned her fans

But sometimes love for an idol can overshadow the voice of reason. So, in the fan community, a rumor has been spreading for some time that the real Britney Spears has been dead for several years, and her social networks are run by other people posting old pictures of the singer under the guise of new ones. There is no evidence of this theory, but even Spears herself had to refute it more than once.

Britney Spears condemned her fans

A recent case brought Spears out of herself – she deleted her account in one of the social networks, which immediately caused incredible concern among fans. As a result, they called the police to the singer's house so that the law enforcement officers would make sure that everything was fine with her. The police really arrived at the call, but left very quickly, without even starting to enter the territory of the mansion. Britney reacted to this with a comment on another social network: “The police immediately realized that there was no problem and left. I really love my fans very much, but this time it went too far – it was an invasion of my privacy. Now the whole story has got into The media, which, moreover, blame myself for what happened,” writes Spears and continues: “I care about my fans and hope for their understanding. Please respect my privacy in the future.”

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