На 30-летие Настасья Самбурская  получила гроб

The coffin – the attribute entirely Ferial, however, Nastasya Samburski has made it part of their party on the occasion of her birthday.

1 Mar the former star of “Uni” celebrated its 30th anniversary. In honor of his feast Nastassja organized the festival, which gathered of his closest friends and colleagues.

На 30-летие Настасья Самбурская  получила гроб

To congratulate Samburski came her friends and stellar colleagues, among whom were Natalia Rudova, Anna Khilkevich, Anastasia Reshetova, Michael Galustjan, Valery and Joseph Prigozhin, Vlad Lisovets, and many others.

The party was not themed, but it is still called “goodbye youth!”. Note that all of the events were more like a Wake: all the guests and the birthday girl was dressed in black, and the cake that gave Samburski girlfriend, was made in the shape of a coffin!

Nastasia was amazed by the creativity of their friends and tried to capture the cake from all sides. One frame later she has published on his page on Instagram and immediately got a lot of laudatory reviews. Subscribers nastasi decided that this cake was very appropriate for the occasion, where a girl was saying goodbye to my youth, sending her on her final journey.