Жена Караченцова объяснила запах алкоголя после ДТП

The accident with the participation of Nikolai Karachentsov and his wife Lyudmila Porgina is one of the most talked about news this week. Almost every day new details of the incident. As we already know, driving the car was itself Porgina, later the press began to write that in blood Ludmila alcohol was detected in the amount of 0.3 ppm. Today Porgina decided to comment on the situation with alcohol.

The woman said that not drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car. “How can I with the sick person and with my girlfriends to go to Moscow in a drunken state? This is ridiculous, — said Lyudmila. — We have the entire trunk was filled with bottles of alcohol. We went first to the movies, then to Moscow, because the next day we usually remember my mother. Then another, all the friends gather, and we celebrate the first anniversary of the accident – “a day in the life” If. Of course, when the car overturned, it crashed”.

In the incident of road accident anybody seriously has not suffered. As a result of collision Karachentsov was injured on the glass, and on his forehead formed a lump. Today the famous actor was discharged from the hospital.