Olympic records without doping

Олимпийские рекорды без допинга My meeting with the creators of the most unusual devices, which has no analogues. The invention of Russian scientists is able to make a real revolution in medicine.

My namesake, Malakhov Artem, 29. A week ago, he defended that, of course, impressive as the name of the Department of the Bauman MSTU]. Bauman, where he joined, or rather creates. Department of medical-technical and information technologies… “After a stroke you know what the results are?! And wrinkles on the face?! No plastic needed!” – colleague and senior fellow Artem, Professor Gennady Semikin, was for many years a pediatric surgeon. Brilliantly mastered all types of operations that are only possible by adding to its Arsenal of laser and cryosurgery, he was involved in creating medical equipment. Today the brainchild of Gennady Ivanovich, as, indeed, Artem, – a device called “Cascade”.

Down with wrinkles and a headache

The main device developer, the Dean of the faculty of Biomedical engineering Sergei I. Shchukin, joking: “Better ask what “Cascade” can not? When you complain, “Doctor, I in these five years old for a whole year!” – it is not for us, and resurrect it.” The scientist emphasizes:

“Cascade” is not the newest discovery! It was invented in the 90s, but, ongoing research, Trinity inventors have found that the scope of devices that do not have analogues in the world, the widest and the effect of the use is striking. Cosmetology, cardiology, withdrawal headache, localization of rough scars, rehabilitation after serious operations… And more “Cascade” can show itself in the stimulation of human physical abilities. “A typical situation: an athlete over-exercised muscles clogged with lactic acid and to compete it needs to be in good shape – says Artem Malahov. – Testing the device on athletes of high achievements, we helped them not only recover quickly, but even improved biology and the fluidity of the blood.”

How to help the astronauts

“From any advertising we know, – says Gennady Semikin – that women over 45 years of age face the symptoms of osteoporosis or problems of physical inactivity. Modern people lack of exercise reduces the level of metabolism, hence the weight, veins, small vessels, so-called stars, but it is on the outside and inside more and more seriously, strokes, thrombophlebitis. Until recently it was believed that in medicine, inventions can’t. But mind you, not the doctors, and the specialists of the Bauman University has made in this area not one, but two open. They found that in bones and vessels there are electrical processes – the so-called piezoelectric effect. To understand this, take consisting of cross-beams model of the Shukhov tower – a visual model of the tubular bones. When we begin to jump, run, at the junction of these weaves an electric potential. Why, after cosmonauts carried away in stretchers? Because they are immobile, blood vessels and bones no piezoelectric effects. And our device, inducing pulses that cause a reaction, allows them to obtain the required load. The need for the “Cascade” is enormous because it has no contraindications. It restores the natural electrophysiological processes in the organism”.

Bioengineers will teach

Listening to inventors, of course, I thought: how wonderful that in our difficult times there are people creating such a need for any person technique. But it turned out that from the party of “Cascades”, which was released once and tested all emergency rooms, hospitals, and today almost nothing is left.

“We found – says Professor Shchukin – that 70% of these devices is now in personal use of people who had the opportunity to work with them. Roughly speaking, they stole it. For example, at the Filatov hospital, we put ten copies, now there were only two. I was told one of our doctor brought a “Cascade” in Israel, and there, continuing to engage in postinfarktnoe, for decades, feeding his family. But then we not only gave medicine 2.5 thousand vehicles and forget about them – our bioengineers trained experts the most efficient method, from any of the city could communicate with us, we are to carry out supervision. The fact is that just the engineer in the clinic can not operate, even to touch the patient without medical training has no right, and bioengineer – is another matter. It aims to help doctors to master complex diagnostic and therapeutic equipment”.

Today, when scientists greatly improved the design, and most importantly – gained new data about the capabilities of their offspring, they have the same problem – a competent, civilized investor. For production of one thousand machines need fifty million rubles.