Ольга Ветер и Глеб Жемчугов официально развелись The reality star finally broke up, but maintained friendly relations. This Olga Wind said in one of his social networks. Members of the young woman I wish her to find a new love and I hope that Gleb Zhemchugov will not cease to care for the son.

      Today, the Network appeared information about the fact that Gleb Zhemchugov officially broke up with Olga the Wind. Broke one of the brightest couples of the TV project “Dom-2”. Adorable Misha, the son of the stars of the reality show, will remain with his mother. About the final parting of Gleb and Olga became aware of the social networks.

      “Today was a divorce, now we are officially no longer married. Everyone has their own way, Gleb, I wish you success and all the best”, – said Olga in his microblog.

      Members of the Wind expressed the hope that young people will find happiness. They also wrote her many encouraging comments that said not to worry and go further. “Congratulations,” “I Hope your life will be better.” “Everything is ahead” “Well, that is not dirt. Sold and gone,” “it is Important that Hleb was the father had seen his son and trying to help,” “Sorry. Although, maybe it’s for the best,” “Sad, when you can’t family, but in any case, forces you,” was discussed by the subscribers of Olga.

      “Yes, indeed, we divorced. I’m experiencing negative emotions. Today once again it’s regret and realization of all the mistakes and decisions that were taken by me… Olga and I will continue to communicate and help each other. And then time will show”, – said Pearls “StarHit”.

      We will remind that about the separation of the stars telestroke became known in November last year. Then the Wind told the fans that determined to go with Zhemchugova and began to gather the necessary documents. Rumors about problems in the family of Olga and Gleb went before, but the young people tried to keep the family together. In an interview with “StarHit” Pearl admitted that he intends to keep friendly relations with the former beloved. He also talked about the fact that Olga would not file for child support.

      Gleb Zhemchugov: “If the wife is not going to introduce me to boyfriend, I’ll find him myself”

      “We just could not resist the rhythm and the regular showdown. Do not understand each other, not heard, and, perhaps, time has not made the decision to leave the project. But most importantly – my wife just passed me the love,” said the reality star.

      Pearls also shared that rents an apartment close to the Wind. The most important thing for him is to communicate with his son Misha. The young man also reported that will always consider the Wind, your family, whatever is happening between them. In addition, Pearls are told that still hopes for the return of ex-lover, in spite of the divorce.