Ефим Шифрин пожаловался на сексуальную жизнь Comedian sneers at their age. Efim Shifrin shared with fans by talking about old age. 60-year-old actor spoke about what is happening with his inner world and health.

      Popular humorist Efim Shifrin amazes fans with his love for the sport. Now 60-year-old artist is an example for many and inspires followers on exercise. However, the actor complained to his followers on the social network in old age, which changed some aspects of his life. The main sign of old age, he called the feeble memory for names and reluctance to attend social events. Shifrin also said that the joys of love lost for his former interest.

      “From the characteristics of smaller note americhoice eating, and sometimes even an aversion to the meat table and, apparently, associated with the extinguished polemical activity. Perhaps, absence of libido took a little longer, but in the best pores my confusion on this score has always depended on the amount of work now of passion, sometimes seem to me to be in a comic vein, and the intercourse at all seems a surrogate for a humorous submission,” said the comedian.

      Also of the downsides of old age Efim Shifrin called and that he had poor eyesight. He said that soon he will need to undergo an eye operation. The actor admitted that he read a lot, and now he has to pay for it’s own health.

      “The vision is, alas, more and more brings me, and it’s not that I, obviously, will soon have to say goodbye to one of its native lenses. I stopped to help a liberal optics, with which I, in General, trying to discern and understand this world” – sadly said the man.

      Also the scenes with the years, we developed a kind of “immunity” to the rumors and gossip that now did not hurt. Efim Shifrin: “Losinogo husband” to a sex symbol

      Fans were amazed at such openness celebrity. They reasoned that not everyone can admit their weaknesses not only to all, but even to himself. Followers praised the artist for being so honest.

      “Smart, talented, beautiful! May God give you health”, “good health to you, the revelation, which is lacking in my life, thank you!” “Frankly. Not everyone will be able to admit and in part written” – written by fans.