Ольга Ушакова пережила «час расплаты»
The presenter of the First channel had to survive in the struggle for their own appearance.

“Hair is, perhaps, the only thing I don’t have to fight. They I have naturally thick, and no pregnancy they are not affected”

Photo: from personal archive of Olga Ushakova

Olga Ushakova — mother of many children: her third daughter Mary was born in the spring
this year. Of course, the presenter makes every effort to
to stay slim.

“I knew that the third time
to return to the form is heavier, so during pregnancy I tried not
to dissolve itself — says Ushakov. — Calculated each serving, not eating as
accepted, for two, drank two liters of water a day. Led an active lifestyle,
worked, continued to exercise up until the birth”. The ability to eat right help Olga for many years, thanks
what she doesn’t have to diet. Choose a time in the sport with three children now quite
difficult, but she tries every day to find at least half an hour for a run. And sometimes it turns out Cycling. “Rainy weather surprisingly played in our favor,
— said Olga recently. Mary spent hours sleeping on the street like a baby. And we
with the older daughters can drive on bikes. I how much myself I remember, always
adored the bike. Race with the wind in my ears was buzzing. And now, when
sit on the iron horse, I feel like I’m 10 years old…”

Of course, do not forget the TV presenter and about the care of face and body. “At the moment it is scrub, moisturizing natural
oils and massage. Later connect wraps. On trips to the beautician time
no, so all that I require in caring for the face, I have long mastered herself.
Make a mask, massage, pick up cosmetics for the season and the condition of the skin”, —
she said. Nature has awarded Olga gorgeous hair. The presenter studied for a long time to treat this gift carefully. It
recalls: “that only my hair has not seen in my lifetime! I arranged them on a real test site. In my student days, I then turned to ash blonde from brunette for one day, do all kinds of perms and a radical haircut… and now I have endless styling lacquer. A couple of years ago was the hour of reckoning: I had to cut more than half the length. Since then, the remaining hair trying to actively protect from damage special protective equipment from the active sun, and
in winter, hiding them under a hat. At home doing the mask, occasionally resort to
professional care. All this helps them look shiny and well groomed”.

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