Ольга Шелест заговорила о третьем ребенке Presenter really like to be a mom of babies. His thoughts on the birth of another child Olga Shelest shared with podeschi his microblog. Those immediately supported the desire of the stars and promised to follow its example.

      Ольга Шелест заговорила о третьем ребенке

      TV presenter Olga Shelest together with her husband, music video Director Alexei Tishkina, as you know, are raising two adorable babies. The family grows two daughters – iris, which is not yet a year old, and two year old Muse. Olga Shelest became a mother for the second time

      Despite the fact that children Olga Shelest is still quite small, the media personality was beginning to wonder about the possibility to get another child. The idea the mother of two daughters shared with their fans in the microblog, arguing about what today convenient devices invented for babies and their parents. Talking about the advantages of a bottle, which she bought for the youngest daughter iris, Olga Shelest suddenly admitted that he is not against to give birth to a third child.

      “It’s just amazing how much cool baby stuff appeared for the last time. Every year to be a mom of babies is becoming easier and more fun. To give birth to something the third,” wrote Olga.

      Subscribers will star enthusiastically responded precisely to the last sentence of Olga Shelest. Apparently, the choice of the idol they have decided not to leave. “Of course, birth! You’re a wonderful mother!” “Olga, give birth to the third – good people should be a lot!”, “Olga, give birth, of course. You are a wonderful mommy and sister brother is not enough,” threw the fans a Rustling comments. Some even promised to follow the example of TV stars and also to work on that in the near future to increase their family for another man.

      It is worth noting that despite the fact that Olga Shelest two little girls, requires constant care and attention mom star long enough to engage in self-realization.

      Neither after the first nor after the second birth, the presenter did not allow myself to take an extended maternity leave, and both times soon returned to his beloved work. According to Olga Shelest, she has no idea what could fully devote himself to the care of the family. Celebrity claims to be active – for her need. Fortunately, Olga’s husband Alexey Tishkin sympathetic to the desire of his wife to build a career and helps her in everyday life. “We do not divide responsibilities for maternal and paternal, we are absolutely interchangeable parents. Alex also changes diapers, feeds, one can stay with them overnight when I’m on a business trip. I did not know that there can be such fathers, – admired Olga Shelest his choice in an interview.

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