Ольга Шелест определилась с новой стрижкой The TV presenter asked subscribers to help in choosing a hairstyle. Tough choice between long hair and short ended for Olga Shelest acceptance of unexpected decisions.

      Olga Shelest for many years in the frame supported the image of a girl who is fond of extreme. She wore a short haircut and dressed in sporty style. Changes in the appearance of the stars of the ether occurred after she became a mother. In dresses of Olga appeared in pastel hues, sweatshirts and pants replaced the dress. Hairstyle Rustle too has changed. Leading grew my hair to shoulder length.

      However, with the onset of spring, as we know, women tend to be transformed. This desire came to leading. She wanted to make a new haircut. The star couldn’t decide whether to cut her hair drastically or leave long. In his microblog Olga asked, what do her fans.

      The views of the followers were divided. Some playful nostalgic about “the hedgehog” in the spirit of MTV on the head leading, the others begged her to spare their tresses and leave them unchanged. Meanwhile, the thirst for change was interrupted by the Rustle of thoughts, and she went to the salon.

      It is noteworthy that the leading decided to capture the whole process of cutting. Friends took her to a movie. In the frame sits a star, and round her like bees, work by several artists. Judging by the face, the Rustle, the work was not easy for all. But the result Olga is clearly satisfied, she was satisfied.

      Video published Shelest Olga (@olgashelest) Mar 28 2016 at 1:45 PDT

      We will remind, not so long ago the star was made with the hair is another old idea. She made artificial buildup. The rustling gave herself into the hands of stylists who have tried her new technique. The experiment was conducted specifically for publication in one of the glossy magazines.

      Published in his microblog a picture with long thick hair, she started to remember their previous experiences of transformation: “Yeah, why not just have experienced my hair: dreadlocks, highlights, ash blonde, purple, pink and red colors. My head knows what a Mohawk Bob-Bob, haircut Olympiad and easy bricasti, a La G. I. Jane. Thanks to my hair that they are still with me, although I did specifically for them not to care”.

      By the way, wife the Rustle prisliste not liking her new hairstyle – he was confused that his wife is wearing someone else’s hair on your head. “When my husband saw my long hair, fastidiously frowned: “Fu, artificial hair,” said Olga. – “You are that they are natural!” – I was offended. – “Natural?! Ugh, someone else’s hair on your head!”.


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