Died the Director of the Carlson center and other iconic cartoons

Скончался режисер Карлсона, Незнайки и других культовых мультиков Died Yuri Butyrin. Russian animation has suffered irreparable loss. In the cartoons of the great artist grew more than one generation.


    Скончался режисер Карлсона, Незнайки и других культовых мультиков

    When most of us hear names like “the Kid and Carlson”, “Nu, pogodi!”, “Niblet”, “Thumbelina”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “the Nutcracker”, “Kitten named woof”, “cat Leopold” and others, conjures images of your favorite childhood characters. However, the wider public may not know is that behind all these great characters there is one animator Yuriy Butyrin.

    Today outstanding Soviet artist did not. Yuri died in Moscow on 87 th year of life. This sad news announced by the Association of animated film. “March 30, 2016 in Moscow died Director, artist, animator Yuriy Aleksandrovich Butyrin. The legendary cartoonist was 86 years, – says the official report. – We Express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Yuri Alexandrovich. Information about the date and place of funeral will be announced later”.

    Interestingly, Butyrin, came to the “Soyuzmultfilm” in the fifties, as a young specialist. There he graduated from the training of multipliers. Over time its scope in animation has expanded greatly. So, Yuri has become known not only as an animator. He also released many works as a Director.

    Butyrin recalled during one of their rare meetings with journalists about his first directing experience – it’s a cartoon ” ♪ RUB! Hello!”, how Bear gave his friends the Hedgehog and the Hare fairy land “Trimelitate”. “Times chamomile, two Daisy… This, incidentally, was the first children’s cartoon, which I was allowed to do at the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. Before that I was in great demand as animator: only finish one, so once dragged to the other. And in 1976, asked me to make a movie anti-alcohol theme, which then often shown before feature films. The script was ready, it was written by Yakov kostyukovskiy and Moris Slobodskoy, but no one was taken. And then I came along… So this satirical film about alcoholics and alcoholism “Listen to the case… Not a very comic Opera” became my first job as a Director at “Soyuzmultfilm”. But my whole life I have done cartoons for children only. So I think that ” ♪ RUB! Hello” I started my directorial work on legendary in Soviet Union animated film Studio,” said Yuri.

    The death of legendary Soviet animator and Director is an irreparable loss for Russian animation.

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