Olga Seryabkina figured out the secret of his birth

Ольга Серябкина выяснила тайну своего рождения Mom members of the band “Serebro” in detail told her daughter about the events of April 12, 1985, when the future singer was born. This message star shared with her fans by publishing his text in his microblog.

      Ольга Серябкина выяснила тайну своего рождения

      The soloist of the band “Serebro”, the inimitable Olga Seryabkina celebrates a birthday today. From early morning the girl began to congratulate colleagues and family. Maxim Fadeev sent the singer a bouquet of cornflowers, ordered specially for the birthday girl in Holland, as in Russia is not yet the season of these flowers. Assistant producer Irma Polish gave the star a collection of works by Sergei Yesenin that Olga plans to put a library in her new apartment. “This is the rarest and the most complete collection,” – said the soloist of the girly trio.

      But the rest of the gifts presented to Olga, her mother. Woman remember details April 12, 1985, when gave birth to the future pop star. “Olga! I love you very much and proud of you! Be happy! Happy birthday! Chronicle of events: woke up on Taganka and felt that someone in the tummy is very faster, and waiting to be taken out. In the morning came the Shary-poodle and was just waiting for me to Wake up, Wake up. But about 11 in the morning my grandmother decided to go to the hospital “just in case”. Dad was in Voronezh, grandpa went to work. And my grandmother boarded a trolley and went to Shabolovka. Apparently, it was cold and I was in a fur coat”, – such message was received by the artist.

      However, Olga was born in the evening. Mother Angelica suggests that the girl waited for the salute in honour of Day of Astronautics. Subscribers of the microblogging Seryabkina admired this story: “Thanks for the story of your birth”, “you Got a terrific mom,” “Thank you, Lyudmila Borisova, for the best daughter.”

      While Olga Seryabkina celebrating a birthday, the entire team of the band “Serebro” are struggling, choosing a candidate for the third member of the collective. Daria Shashin has previously stated that she would have to leave the band due to health problems. Producer centre of Maxim Fadeev carefully analysing all the questionnaires, soon to announce the results and declare the winner, who will join the band “Serebro”. The organizers told that among applicants there are the really talented contestants. Questionnaires in PCF send girls from different cities from all age groups and with different data – both the vocal and external. Each of them wants to be in the ranks of solo female trio.

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