Ольга Серябкина впала в депрессию The soloist of the band “Serebro” has shared his experiences. Olga Seryabkina admitted that he is in a stupor and not even trying to take a step forward. Apparently, the state of the star due to changes in the group.

      Ольга Серябкина впала в депрессию

      Fans of the band “Serebro” still can’t bear the thought that their beloved team is no more. This month it became known that Daria Casinoi health problems. 25-year-old blonde told the physicians she received an unpleasant diagnosis “congenital dysplasia of the knee”, pathology of tissue formation. This news shocked not only fans, but also the participants themselves.

      Olga Seryabkina so hard going through the upcoming changes, even, it seems, fell into depression. “I have this feeling now that I’m standing on a broken intersection. And so I in a stupor, not even trying to make a move. I want to stand still, until all have departed, and wait for the silence in my head,” confessed the star.

      “The time will come, there will be a decision to take a step” “You are the best part! It will be hard to see “Serebro” without Dashki! Olga, I love you”, “the Most awful feeling when a loved one is bad, and you feel their utter helplessness. Want to help and don’t know how. We love you so much! Please hold on little girl,” Olga supported the fans.

      Recall that the producer of the group Maxim Fadeev has declared that “Serebro” have to replace the soloist. “We were hoping that a miracle will happen, Dasha will recover and will not need to go from “Serebro”. But the doctors strongly insist on operations. I can not say that this is terrible news for all of us. We love her very much, she is our child. If she has the will and power later – I always wait for her, our doors are always open. First Dora may have to leave the team at the insistence of doctors. So now I am forced to announce urgent casting”, – said in his microblog Fadeev.

      By the way, the requirements of the production center to the contenders for a place in the group is not complicated. Age girls should be between 22 and 26 years weight up to 55 pounds. But with the growth there is one feature soloist cannot be higher than 164 centimeters. And, of course, the future star must be able to sing and move on stage. Those who want to get to a vacant position already lined up, casting is in full swing.

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