Olga Romanovskaya reported difficulties in the family

Ольга Романовская сообщила о трудностях в семье
The former soloist of the popular group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya for ten years happy with businessman Andrew.

Ольга Романовская сообщила о трудностях в семье

In their family growing up two lovely children.

Fans marvel at a strong relationship with Olga chosen.

Romanovskaya reported that in their family there were difficulties, but they were able to pass through them.

“A lot in our married life there are no obstacles that have not jumped, we fell. Perhaps we spend so much time together and happy because in such a situation, one (one) did not throw(a) second(uyu) to lie down, and stretched a hand to each other and then ran again together, shoulder to shoulder. Learn to listen, learn to trust and open up. Problems are not solved, if you play the quiet game. Not to save a relationship if you let them outside. Love you!” – told the artist.

We wish to continue to keep a pair of warm relations to each other!

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